Thursday, October 3, 2013

Unspeakable Joy

Today, I'm sitting down working my way through this week's to-do list:  The inspector for the State 3-Star program left Early Education a couple of hours ago. Check- all went well. I've updated the church website for the week. Check. I'm laying out my sermon(s) for Sunday morning. Check(ish).  I'm making my list of supplies needed to get the stream of our new service up for Sunday. I'm getting the sound system set up for special music. I'm submitting photos to be printed.  I'm figuring out how we're going to watch a dancer at the street festival, a sousaphoner at a band contest, and still be sure everything is in place for Sunday by the end of the day Saturday. I'm....... busy. Sometimes, too busy.

I'm blessed. I'm excited. I'm fully prepared to keep paddling for all it's worth! Why? Because I am convinced that every one of these things is important and that God will be glorified if I give them my best.  I will freely admit that there have been times, many times, when the to-do list has dragged me down into a place of frustration & exhaustion. That isn't healthy and it leads to a very ineffective Christian walk.  I have to monitor myself and lay out designated quiet time to battle the overload. I need to refuel.

This brings me to the title of this post.  As we have made a transition into the land of two services at First Baptist Newport, I am filled with an unspeakable joy that can only come from God.  I am overjoyed that our church family recognized a true need in our congregation and community & addressed it.  I am overjoyed as I watch musicians and singers spend hours preparing to lead worship late at night after they've finished working all day and often after they've put their children to bed.  I'm overjoyed when I realize that I have no idea what anyone else in the FUEL service was doing as we led worship because I was so completely caught up in the worship myself. I'm overjoyed that we are able to provide quality worship experiences that meet the needs of a diverse group of people.

FUEL is based on Proverbs 26:20: Where there is no fuel, a fire goes out.  My time in the Word as I prepare to teach and my time in worship as we practice and lead is truly fuel for the fire of my life in Christ. Tasks won't overwhelm me when I know that the results of my labor may bring others to a saving knowledge of, or a closer walk with my Savior.

Thank you, God, for the opportunity to be in Your presence!  Thank you for strength, hope, and JOY, that come from time spent with You. Use me as You will for Your glory!  Keep my fire burning bright for You!

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